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The 83rd Doctor’s navigation skills were even worse than those of his predecessors, and often he would land the TARDIS in a particularly difficult spot, as in the Season 341 adventure simply entitled “Fire” where the time machine materialised atop the Eyjafjallajoekull volcano.

By this time, Derek Deadman, lampooned and pilloried in the press, had taken to heavy drinking and was frequently papped outside seedy nightclubs with a new glamorous model on his arm every night. Unfortunately, as the discovery of Deadman’s diaries would reveal after his assassination, this was all a front, since his obsession with the bottom of a bottle left him incapable of anything other than being violently ill when he got home again.

This began to take its toll in Deadman’s on screen performances, but since the audience was, by this stage, vastly reduced in number, no-one really noticed, with one particular exception. The third episode of Season 342 saw Producer Cambridge-Smythe taking his experimental direction for the program to new extremes, with the majority of the episode taking the form of a glitzy quiz show in which members of the Doctor Who audience were invited onto the TARDIS set to win millions of Eurodollarpounds.

Alas, during the first half of the episode. Deadman had imbued rather too much lager and by the second half of the episode/show he was somewhat the worse for wear. The resulting spewage of the contents of his stomach over the show’s contestants was hastily covered up by the BBC and was one of the major contributing factors in the subsequent “accidental” wiping of that episode along with the rest of Deadman’s period as the Doctor.

The first complaint letters began to appear in the Radio Times…it was the beginning of the end.



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